Our service

We offer a perfect mix of classes to keep your body and mind happy, challenged and blissed out.

At Mirage Dance Studio we offer 



Dance lesson

Street Style (Hiphop/ New Jazz/ Popping/ Choreography……)

These styles are all independent styles in their own right, each with their own history and foundations, each visually looking very different. The key elements which make street dance what it is are; groove, character, originality, intention, creativity and social interaction.

 Classical Dance (Ballet/ Contemporary/ Chinese Dance……)

Dancers are required to first obtain classical ballet training in order to build on it with more modern technique in order to be more versatile.

 Tool Class (Zumba/ Stretching/ Pilates……)

Designed as a zero foundation course, these classes will train your core muscle groups, tone up your limbs and guide your journey in achieving elegance and grace.

Private coaching

One on one 

Private dance lessons are great because the focus is all on you. Once your teacher has identified what your goals are, he/she will teach you the material that will be most appropriate for your needs.


Small group lesson (3-6 ppl)

In group dance lessons, you’ll get the chance to dance with your best friends. Group dance lessons are a great way to make special memory with friends and build new relationship between each other.

Event Choreography

Wedding Dance 

First dance is an important part of your amazing and special day, the way you approach the dance says a whole lot about you and your relationship and in itself is truly important!

Function Performance 

We have a strong choreography team and the resources to make your event as wonderful and successful as it can possibly be. Let our creative expertise to create a fabulous dance work that is unique and infinitely memorable for your team.


 Live Performance 

Mirage Dance 

Mirage Dance are special on their Chinese Fusion art works, was formed in 2017. We have performed at many different big events in Brisbane and Gold Coast, such as, Buddha Festival at South Bank, Chinese New Year at Queen St Mall and China Town at Gold Coast.