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舞蹈對我來說是一種自由的感覺,在繁忙的生活中藉著跳舞找到了我的生活步調. 幻日舞世謝謝妳讓我找到了我的歸宿!

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Sidney Shen

The idea of using your own body as a form of art is so special. Dancing has helped me realise how powerful my body can be through my movements, whether it be expressing and letting out my emotions or even making someone’s day a bit better. At Mirage Dance Studio, I can step out of my comfort zone and become the best version of myself, hence why I decided to be a part of this family. As a Mirage Girl, I am excited to see where this takes me in the future.


Catharine Deng

致舞蹈/ Mirage:

謝謝你, 讓我變得更好


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