About Mirage

Our mission

Z: Hey Jill, we’ve been dancing for 20           years, what role do you think dance plays in your life?

J: For me, dance is something intimate. Most    importantly, through dance I know how to    communicate with this world. Through        working with my body every time I found the satisfaction that just can’t be healed by money.

Z: Hehe thats so you. For me, dance makes me feel I’m different. From how I appreciate things, observe the world to the way I live my life. It’s not only about shaping your body or like getting all sweat up. It’s something spiritual!



All of our qualified and experienced instructors in Mirage Dance Studio are here to assist and create the joyful pathway with our members. We aim to create a space that is full of positive energy. Through dance we create and bring joy to our life. In this space we dance, laugh and share the delightful moment together. Get out of your comfort zone, you don’t need to be anyone, just be yourself. Step into Mirage dance studio and become confident and graceful and exquisite together with us.